Kamchatka World

History: Kamchatka declared its independence in 2304 A.D. based on the advice of the A.I. system Neuro-Electronic Reactive Intelligence System 1 or N.E.R.I.S. A select group of 99 appointed officials use N.E.R.I.S. as an oracle, giving them advice on all policies, most of which they implement. These officials are called “Caretakers”. They hold the majority of the wealth in the country.

Life: Most aspects of civic and personal life are advised by N.E.R.I.S. and its vast network of sub-modules.

Employment:The employment sector of Kamchatka is mostly staffed by humans due to resource limitations in the building of automation. However, some businesses are introducing automated robots, with varying degrees of proficiency. One source of comedy is robots being bad at their jobs and humans having to clean up after them. The entertainment industry is decentralized but huge in Kamchatka, so there’s multiple businesses working to make entertainment.

Political Classes 1. The Favored (26%) - The population deemed to be in complete harmony with N.E.R.I.S. They have first pick of jobs (mainly governmental) and are given the best housing.
2. The Neutral (60%)- The population deemed to be in acceptable harmony with N.E.R.I.S. They are forbidden from any government related jobs.
3. The Suspect (12%) - The population deemed to have an insufficient level of harmony with N.E.R.I.S. but still considered rehabilitable. They are forbidden from jobs which accumulate wealth and all government work.
4. The Outcaste (2%) - The population deemed unrehabilitable by official measures (U.B.O.M.). Mostly homeless or living in grim shanty towns, given subsistence stipends from the government to dissuade them from theft and crime.

Marriage: Dating, relationships, etc. are handled by a sub-module of N.E.R.I.S. called *Matcher*. It takes states of citizens then links them to their most compatible member. It also determines when people should start dating. Some wait till their 40s. People with mental or physical problems are excluded until the successful completion of therapeutic measures.
The marriage process is divided into four segments:
1. Dating Phase - An optional phase, where they get to know each other at public locations. Both must agree where and how many dates. If they want, they can skip and go right to domesticity. 2. Domesticity Phase - the two must live with each other. (6 months, or they forfeit their presence in the marriagability que for 1-2 years).
3. Marriage / After - the two are married.
Marriages are required to last for three year contract-blocs, agreed on by both parties, or one must petition for a divorce.
Non-A.I. decided marriages are possible, but dissuaded. Some of the Favored class have been removed to “Neutral” after a non-A.I. marriage.

Intermarriage dynamics between Political Classes: Any marriage between political classes renders both its members as the lowest status. For example, if a Favored marries a Neutral, both are deemed Neutral.
The exception to this is Outcastes: if an Outcaste marries up, the Outcaste achieves “Suspect” status, while the other political party retains their status. The theory of N.E.R.I.S. uses this as an experimental way to rehabilitate.

Class Mobility: A class moves up or down based on crime-connection, depending on the crime’s severity.
“Favored” classes means that they have no immediate familial connection to any criminals within two generations. They have to give up their job when re-classified, but family members do not. It taints family member prospects, though within two generations.
“Neutral” class means they have no immediate familial connections to any criminals within one generation. They do not have to give up their job when re-classified.
“The Suspect” class means they have been convicted of a crime or are in a family where one immediate member has been convicted of a crime but has went through rehabilitation. They do not have to give up their job when re-classified.
“The Outcaste” have been convicted of crime, personally, and failed rehabilitation or refused rehabilitation measures. Their families are also sent into Outcastery.

Transportation Transportation is threefold:
Subway (between main cities)
Privately owned hovercars
Hovercabs: Hovercabs are driverless A.I. automated. People summon them via an app and they usually arrive within twenty minutes. 70% of all traffic is hovercab. Some hovercabs offer dialogue services, so a person can talk to the A.I. as they drive.
Subway: For high speed travel within the city, faster and cheaper than hovercabs but less precise.
Privately owned hovercars: expensive and mostly driven by the Favored class. All have an A.I. as well as living driver options. Roughly 20% of the population own vehicles, and many own them for show rather than driving. Drivers license require 6 months of schooling and passing multiple tests.